I am pleased to offer some of the most economic fees in the writing business. My corporate rate is $50 per hour. My nonprofit and small business rate is $35 per hour. The rate for private individuals is $30 per hour. Most importantly, I make every effort not to turn away clients. If you, in good faith, cannot afford my fees, I will try to negotiate a price that works for you.

While I am willing to place a bid for an entire project, my preference is to work according to an hourly rate. This does not mean endless billable hours for you. I'm proud to be, as one of my clients commented, "a good, fast writer."

Don't be fooled by freelance bidding sites that seem to offer incredibly low rates; you get what you pay for. The experience I bring to the table can make the difference between your grant being funded or not being funded, your report being well received by your sponsors or not, your press release being read and quoted or not...


Contact Email: Ellen (at) ApplePieWriting.com, Tel: (202) 491-3276